Migrating the Certificate Authority (CA) for Elasticsearch Service to Let’s Encrypt
Scheduled for Oct 4, 00:00 UTC  -  Nov 3, 00:00 UTC
At Elastic Cloud we are committed to offering our customers the most secure way to run their workloads in the cloud. To help ensure this commitment, we are migrating our TLS certificates to Let’s Encrypt to best support sustainable and fully automated certificate management as our product offerings and available regions continue to expand.

These changes will begin rolling out to Elastic Cloud regions beginning October 4, 2021, and are expected to be completed in all regions by October 29, 2021.

The first region will be Azure southcentralus on October 4, 2021. After updating this region, we will pause the rollout to other regions for 14 days to allow for client validation. The remaining regions will begin being updated on October 18, 2021. We will post updates on this page as the roll out happens across regions.

What is the change?

We are migrating the TLS certificate on Elastic Cloud from DigiCert to Let’s Encrypt. The change in the Certification Authority (CA) might have an impact on some clients.

What is the impact on me?

If you use clients that are not compatible with the Let’s Encrypt ISRG Root X1 certificate, you must upgrade the clients or your certificate stores in order to trust the new certificates.

Find more details in our blog https://www.elastic.co/blog/migrating-ess-certs-letsencrypt
Posted Jul 15, 2021 - 05:01 UTC
This scheduled maintenance affects: Azure New South Wales (azure-australiaeast) (Elasticsearch connectivity: Azure azure-australiaeast, APM connectivity: Azure azure-australiaeast, Kibana connectivity: Azure azure-australiaeast, App Search connectivity: Azure azure-australiaeast, Enterprise Search connectivity: Azure azure-australiaeast), GCP Montreal (northamerica-northeast1) (Elasticsearch connectivity: GCP northamerica-northeast1, APM connectivity: GCP northamerica-northeast1, Kibana connectivity: GCP northamerica-northeast1, App Search connectivity: GCP northamerica-northeast1, Enterprise Search connectivity: GCP northamerica-northeast1), Azure Ireland (azure-northeurope) (APM connectivity: Azure azure-northeurope, App Search connectivity: Azure azure-northeurope, Enterprise Search connectivity: Azure azure-northeurope, Kibana connectivity: Azure azure-northeurope, Elasticsearch connectivity: Azure azure-northeurope), GCP South Carolina (us-east1) (APM connectivity: GCP us-east1, Elasticsearch connectivity: GCP us-east1, Kibana connectivity: GCP us-east1, Enterprise Search connectivity: GCP us-east1, App Search connectivity: GCP us-east1), Azure Washington (azure-westus2) (Elasticsearch connectivity: Azure azure-westus2, Kibana connectivity: Azure azure-westus2, APM connectivity: Azure azure-westus2, App Search connectivity: Azure azure-westus2, Enterprise Search connectivity: Azure azure-westus2), GCP Sao Paulo (southamerica-east1) (APM connectivity: GCP southamerica-east1, Elasticsearch connectivity: GCP southamerica-east1, Kibana connectivity: GCP southamerica-east1, Enterprise Search connectivity: GCP southamerica-east1, App Search connectivity: GCP southamerica-east1), GCP Sydney (australia-southeast1) (Kibana connectivity: GCP australia-southeast1, Elasticsearch connectivity: GCP australia-southeast1, APM connectivity: GCP australia-southeast1, Enterprise Search connectivity: GCP australia-southeast1, App Search connectivity: GCP australia-southeast1), Azure Singapore (azure-southeastasia) (Elasticsearch connectivity: Azure azure-southeastasia, APM connectivity: Azure azure-southeastasia, Kibana connectivity: Azure azure-southeastasia, App Search connectivity: Azure azure-southeastasia, Enterprise Search connectivity: Azure azure-southeastasia), GCP Finland (europe-north1) (Elasticsearch connectivity: GCP europe-north1, Kibana connectivity: GCP europe-north1, APM connectivity: GCP europe-north1, App Search connectivity: GCP europe-north1, Enterprise Search connectivity: GCP europe-north1), GCP Tokyo (asia-northeast1) (Kibana connectivity: GCP asia-northeast1, APM connectivity: GCP asia-northeast1, Elasticsearch connectivity: GCP asia-northeast1, Enterprise Search connectivity: GCP asia-northeast1, App Search connectivity: GCP asia-northeast1), GCP N. Virginia (us-east4) (APM connectivity: GCP us-east4, Kibana connectivity: GCP us-east4, Enterprise Search connectivity: GCP us-east4, App Search connectivity: GCP us-east4), Azure Tokyo (azure-japaneast) (Elasticsearch connectivity: Azure azure-japaneast, Kibana connectivity: Azure azure-japaneast, APM connectivity: Azure azure-japaneast, Enterprise Search connectivity: Azure azure-japaneast, App Search connectivity: Azure azure-japaneast), Azure Virginia (azure-eastus2) (Elasticsearch connectivity: Azure azure-eastus2, APM connectivity: Azure azure-eastus2, Kibana connectivity: Azure azure-eastus2, App Search connectivity: Azure azure-eastus2, Enterprise Search connectivity: Azure azure-eastus2), GCP London (europe-west2) (APM connectivity: GCP europe-west2, Kibana connectivity: GCP europe-west2, Elasticsearch connectivity: GCP europe-west2, App Search connectivity: GCP europe-west2, Enterprise Search connectivity: GCP europe-west2), Azure Iowa (azure-centralus) (Kibana connectivity: Azure azure-centralus, Elasticsearch connectivity: Azure azure-centralus, APM connectivity: Azure azure-centralus, App Search connectivity: Azure azure-centralus, Enterprise Search connectivity: Azure azure-centralus), AWS Paris (eu-west-3) (Elasticsearch connectivity: AWS eu-west-3, Kibana connectivity: AWS eu-west-3, APM connectivity: AWS eu-west-3, Enterprise Search connectivity: AWS eu-west-3, App Search connectivity: AWS eu-west-3), Azure Virginia (azure-eastus) (App Search connectivity: Azure azure-eastus, Kibana connectivity: Azure azure-eastus, Enterprise Search connectivity: Azure azure-eastus, APM connectivity: Azure azure-eastus, Elasticsearch connectivity: Azure azure-eastus), AWS Frankfurt (eu-central-1) (APM connectivity: AWS eu-central-1, Kibana connectivity: AWS eu-central-1, Elasticsearch connectivity: AWS eu-central-1, App Search connectivity: AWS eu-central-1, Enterprise Search connectivity: AWS eu-central-1), Azure Texas (azure-southcentralus) (App Search connectivity: Azure azure-southcentralus, Kibana connectivity: Azure azure-southcentralus, Enterprise Search connectivity: Azure azure-southcentralus, Elasticsearch connectivity: Azure azure-southcentralus, APM connectivity: Azure azure-southcentralus), GCP Mumbai (asia-south1) (Elasticsearch connectivity: GCP asia-south1, Kibana connectivity: GCP asia-south1, APM connectivity: GCP asia-south1, Enterprise Search connectivity: GCP asia-south1, App Search connectivity: GCP asia-south1), GCP Taiwan (asia-east1) (APM connectivity: GCP asia-east1, Kibana connectivity: GCP asia-east1, Elasticsearch connectivity: GCP asia-east1, App Search connectivity: GCP asia-east1, Enterprise Search connectivity: GCP asia-east1), GCP Netherlands (europe-west4) (APM connectivity: GCP europe-west4, Elasticsearch connectivity: GCP europe-west4, Kibana connectivity: GCP europe-west4, Enterprise Search connectivity: GCP europe-west4, App Search connectivity: GCP europe-west4), GCP Singapore (asia-southeast1) (Kibana connectivity: GCP asia-southeast1, APM connectivity: GCP asia-southeast1, Elasticsearch connectivity: GCP asia-southeast1, App Search connectivity: GCP asia-southeast1, Enterprise Search connectivity: GCP asia-southeast1), AWS Mumbai (ap-south-1) (Elasticsearch connectivity: AWS ap-south-1, APM connectivity: AWS ap-south-1, Kibana connectivity: AWS ap-south-1, Enterprise Search connectivity: AWS ap-south-1, App Search connectivity: AWS ap-south-1), Azure London (azure-uksouth) (APM connectivity: Azure azure-uksouth, Kibana connectivity: Azure azure-uksouth, Elasticsearch connectivity: Azure azure-uksouth, Enterprise Search connectivity: Azure azure-uksouth, App Search connectivity: Azure azure-uksouth), AWS Seoul (ap-northeast-2) (APM connectivity: AWS ap-northeast-2, Elasticsearch connectivity: AWS ap-northeast-2, Kibana connectivity: AWS ap-northeast-2, App Search connectivity: AWS ap-northeast-2, Enterprise Search connectivity: AWS ap-northeast-2), GCP Los Angeles (us-west2) (Kibana connectivity: GCP us-west2, APM connectivity: GCP us-west2, Elasticsearch connectivity: GCP us-west2, App Search connectivity: GCP us-west2, Enterprise Search connectivity: GCP us-west2), AWS Ohio (us-east-2) (APM connectivity: AWS us-east-2, Kibana connectivity: AWS us-east-2, Elasticsearch connectivity: AWS us-east-2, App Search connectivity: AWS us-east-2, Enterprise Search connectivity: AWS us-east-2), Azure Netherlands (azure-westeurope) (APM connectivity: Azure azure-westeurope, Elasticsearch connectivity: Azure azure-westeurope, Kibana connectivity: Azure azure-westeurope, App Search connectivity: Azure azure-westeurope, Enterprise Search connectivity: Azure azure-westeurope), AWS Hong Kong (ap-east-1) (APM connectivity: AWS ap-east-1, Elasticsearch connectivity: AWS ap-east-1, Kibana connectivity: AWS ap-east-1, Enterprise Search connectivity: AWS ap-east-1, App Search connectivity: AWS ap-east-1, Elasticsearch connectivity: AWS ap-east-1, Kibana connectivity: AWS ap-east-1), AWS Central (ca-central-1) (Elasticsearch connectivity: AWS ca-central-1, Kibana connectivity: AWS ca-central-1, APM connectivity: AWS ca-central-1, Enterprise Search connectivity: AWS ca-central-1, App Search connectivity: AWS ca-central-1), GCP Frankfurt (europe-west3) (Elasticsearch connectivity: GCP europe-west3, Kibana connectivity: GCP europe-west3, APM connectivity: GCP europe-west3, App Search connectivity: GCP europe-west3, Enterprise Search connectivity: GCP europe-west3), AWS Tokyo (ap-northeast-1) (Elasticsearch connectivity: AWS ap-northeast-1, Kibana connectivity: AWS ap-northeast-1, APM connectivity: AWS ap-northeast-1, Enterprise Search connectivity: AWS ap-northeast-1, App Search connectivity: AWS ap-northeast-1), GCP Oregon (us-west1) (Elasticsearch connectivity: GCP us-west1, Kibana connectivity: GCP us-west1, APM connectivity: GCP us-west1, App Search connectivity: GCP us-west1, Enterprise Search connectivity: GCP us-west1), GCP Iowa (us-central1) (Elasticsearch connectivity: GCP us-central1, Kibana connectivity: GCP us-central1, APM connectivity: GCP us-central1, App Search connectivity: GCP us-central1, Enterprise Search connectivity: GCP us-central1), GCP Belgium (europe-west1) (Kibana connectivity: GCP europe-west1, APM connectivity: GCP europe-west1, Elasticsearch connectivity: GCP europe-west1, App Search connectivity: GCP europe-west1, Enterprise Search connectivity: GCP europe-west1), AWS São Paulo (sa-east-1) (Elasticsearch connectivity: AWS sa-east-1, Kibana connectivity: AWS sa-east-1, APM connectivity: AWS sa-east-1, App Search connectivity: AWS sa-east-1, Enterprise Search connectivity: AWS sa-east-1), AWS Oregon (us-west-2) (Elasticsearch connectivity: AWS us-west-2, Kibana connectivity: AWS us-west-2, APM connectivity: AWS us-west-2, App Search connectivity: AWS us-west-2, Enterprise Search connectivity: AWS us-west-2), AWS N. California (us-west-1) (Elasticsearch connectivity: AWS us-west-1, Kibana connectivity: AWS us-west-1, APM connectivity: AWS us-west-1, App Search connectivity: AWS us-west-1, Enterprise Search connectivity: AWS us-west-1), AWS N. Virginia (us-east-1) (Elasticsearch connectivity: AWS us-east-1, Kibana connectivity: AWS us-east-1, APM connectivity: AWS us-east-1, App Search connectivity: AWS us-east-1, Enterprise Search connectivity: AWS us-east-1), AWS London (eu-west-2) (Elasticsearch connectivity: AWS eu-west-2, Kibana connectivity: AWS eu-west-2, APM connectivity: AWS eu-west-2, App Search connectivity: AWS eu-west-2, Enterprise Search connectivity: AWS eu-west-2), AWS Singapore (ap-southeast-1) (Elasticsearch connectivity: AWS ap-southeast-1, Kibana connectivity: AWS ap-southeast-1, APM connectivity: AWS ap-southeast-1, Enterprise Search connectivity: AWS ap-southeast-1, App Search connectivity: AWS ap-southeast-1), AWS Ireland (eu-west-1) (Elasticsearch connectivity: AWS eu-west-1, Kibana connectivity: AWS eu-west-1, APM connectivity: AWS eu-west-1, Enterprise Search connectivity: AWS eu-west-1, App Search connectivity: AWS eu-west-1), and AWS Sydney (ap-southeast-2) (Elasticsearch connectivity: AWS ap-southeast-2, APM connectivity: AWS ap-southeast-2, Enterprise Search connectivity: AWS ap-southeast-2, App Search connectivity: AWS ap-southeast-2, Kibana connectivity: AWS ap-southeast-2, Kibana connectivity: AWS ap-southeast-2).